January 30, 2019
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The Life of Lucifer

Lucifer was seventeen years old when he was brought into the lifestyle of human trafficking. As a child, he was in and out of foster homes in East Los Angeles. Before entering the foster care system, he had a home where both his biological father and mother would do drugs in front of him, argue and hit each other. He thought the drugs and abuse was normal for a child of ten years old to watch. One day when he was in his living room, his parents were doing their normal routine when both of them overdosed right in front of his face. Their dealer had cut their drugs with fentanyl. They started convulsing, then collapsed on the floor.  That event shaped his life forever. For about six or seven years he was in one foster home after another. On the outside, he appeared to be a nice and loving young man, but deep down, he was suffering and full of anger. Lucifer had nice brown eyes and short brown hair. He had fair skin and was about 5 feet, 5 inches tall. He always dreamed of being rich and traveling around the world. During his teens, he learned to be street savvy, looking for ways to get easy money. He would sneak out of his foster home and go to his old neighborhood where he would re-connect with his parents’ so-called friends. During one of these visits, he would get drugs from them then go around East Los Angeles selling. He thought this was one of the easiest jobs ever. He did this for quite some time but one day just before his eighteenth birthday, he met two men who would change his life forever. Lucifer was taking the metro train to his parents’ so-called friends when two strange men were staring at him. Lucifer ignored them because he didn’t want any problems. Ten minutes passed and Lucifer got off the metro and headed straight to his friends’ house. While walking there, he felt like he was being watched and when he was about to cross the street, a black car stopped in front of him and the two strange guys pulled him into the car. Right then and there, Lucifer feared for his life. He was never scared of anything, but this most definitely scarred his life. The two strange men took him to a huge mansion. They pulled Lucifer out of the car and took him inside the mansion where a tall white man was waiting for him. The two strange men introduced themselves. One was named Ryan and the other, Guy. Ryan and Guy left him alone with the tall man. Lucifer felt scared and confused because they were strangers. The tall man shook Lucifer’s hand and told him to relax, he would not be harmed. He essentially welcomed him to the business. He had no idea what type of business he was talking about. He just wanted to get out of there, fast. Lucifer started run towards the door when Ryan and Guy came up to stop him. The tall man was confused as to why Lucifer would run away from his dreams like that. The man introduced himself as “The Boss”. The Boss told Lucifer that he has been watching him for about three years because he wanted someone like him to groom to be his right hand in the new business he was running. He told him that he would make all his dreams come true and become rich. The word “rich” was a trigger. Everything started spinning…Lucifer jumped at the opportunity, and accepted right on the spot, without knowing what the business or job was. The Boss told him that from now on he would start living in the “family’s” mansion and that first thing tomorrow he would start his new job. Ryan and Guy showed Lucifer to his room. That night, Lucifer tossed and turned because he knew his life was going to change forever. The next morning, the Boss came into his room and told him to get ready and to go around town to put up posters and banners. The banners stated, “Looking for Young Beautiful Women to make their dreams come true. Come to this address: 8799 E. Dream Ave. or call this number now: (555)345-2190.” Lucifer spent all day putting up the banners around town. When he returned back to the mansion, he saw women of all ages and ethnicities standing at the gate. Ryan and Guy were confused and tried to calm down the ladies. Lucifer told Ryan and Guy to call the Boss because his job was done. The Boss came out and congratulated Lucifer. The Boss asked the ladies that if they were ready to have their dreams come true. The ladies started screaming with anticipation.  The Boss opened the gates and they scrambled in. The boss told everyone that they would be in a film about young girls in an exotic life, surrounded by luxuries. He handed them contracts which they signed eagerly without reading and analyzing it. Nobody knew they were getting human trafficked. After that day, Lucifer became part of human trafficking. He would go around town and pick up girls and take them back to the mansion. The mansion was filled with young girls who had their lives controlled by their pimps. The girls were told that they would meet men at a motel and would start filming the movie. The girls agreed because they were young and naive. After a few weeks, Ryan and Guy brought in a fourteen-year-old girl whose name was Heaven. The Boss told Lucifer that he was going to be her “guide”. Lucifer called Heaven into his office and started talking to her about her life and dreams. He did this routine for a several days until it was time to talk Heaven to start her “filming”. The day before he took Heaven to film, he gave her a blue purse. To him, the purse symbolizes his love for Heaven. He could see the delight and happiness in her eyes. The next night, Lucifer took Heaven to go meet a man name John. This routine went on and on, for months.  One day before New Year’s Eve, he took Heaven to the usual motel to meet another John. He stood outside of the motel smoking a cigarette when he got a call to do a little job. He didn’t feel very confident about leaving Heaven all by herself, but he trusted her, so he left for about twenty minutes. When he returned to the motel, he saw a lot of unfamiliar cars in the parking lot. He went up to the motel room looking for Heaven, but she wasn’t there. He ran out of the motel room screaming her name. Outside, on the streets, a young guy asked him who is he was looking for. Lucifer described her and all of a sudden, the guy pulled out a badge and told him he is under arrest for sex trafficking young girls. Lucifer was taken downtown and booked into the jail. All his phone calls were in vain. The Boss, Ryan and Guy never returned his calls. Lucifer was on his own, he couldn’t make bail. He was arraigned, went to trial, and was convicted. He went to prison, serving a ten-year sentence. Prison was an unimaginable dark place. One of the guards befriended him, shared some religious literature with him. Lucifer became a reader, not much else to do in prison. He became religious, he had a life-changing spiritual encounter right there in the darkness of his prison cell. Finally, a glimmer of hope crept into his life. Day by day passed. Finally, Lucifer had a sense of peace, even in that dark place.



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