See Our Voice
ArtVenture gives voice to the voiceless through the power of visual storytelling.

Our Core Values

Teacher Values

    Encourage Art

across the curriculum: ELA, Social Science, Science


the power of the image through the visual arts


among teachers/disciplines

Student Values

    Student Identity,

establish a family environment


student creative expression/creativity


to practice the eight habits of studio thinking



Marc Patterson

BA Western State College Colorado, 1975
MA California State University, Fresno 1979

I love watching kids use their creative potential to express themselves. Teaching art to the youth of Fresno is inspirational.


Jessica Ketchum

BA Fresno State University, 2005

I enjoy helping others see that art is inherit for all of us and we must strive to discover what’s been lost or strengthen what we’ve already grasped. We are ever changing and I thrive learning with my students every day.


Adam Garcia

BA English, CSU Fresno, 1998
BA Chicano/Latino Studies, CSU Fresno, 1999
MA English Composition and Rhetoric, CSU Fresno, 2016

To bring the lives of students into the classroom is to bring literacy into the classroom. I enjoy this. 


Rommel Contreras

BA Fresno State University 2009

I enjoy helping students discover and further develop their creativity.


Marina Santos

BA, English, California State University, Fresno  2005

MA, Education, Fresno Pacific University 2013

By pairing explorations of Art and Literature, my students are able to create broader brushstrokes of Interpretation in my English class. Though, the true masterpiece appears when my students unfold their realities into stories in order to create a better version of themselves. This is when teaching is the most meaningful to me.


Kevin Clifton

BA Fresno State University 2007

I believe in fostering an environment where students participate in project-based learning, and learn through cooperation and collaboration.


Brandon Yang

Brandon loves teaching arts education, and believes that it helps empower his students to open their creativity through movement.